Individual Donors

Every year, donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations constitute more than 85 percent of the House's operating revenue. On behalf of the hundreds of families with critically ill children who receive the comfort and care of Ronald McDonald House at Stanford throughout the year we offer each and every donor our deepest gratitude. Your donation is truly the gift of togetherness.

Click here to view the 2014 Corporate, Foundation, and In-Kind donors webpage. This list on this page does not contain capital campaign donations.

GIFTS OF $50,000+

Bill Campbell

GIFTS OF  $25,000 - $49,999

Kirk and Sue Bostrom

Brandenburg Family Foundation

Gene and Patricia Carter

J. Taylor Crandall

Greg P. Dougherty

The Kling Family Foundation

Will and Karen Perakis

Michael and Lisa Rubenstein

Mrs. Donald Scranton

Ruth Seiler

Bob and Meryl Selig

Sylvia and Chuck Seufferlein

Jeff and Naomi Silk

GIFTS OF  $10,000 - $24,999

Louise and Robert Burton

Rob and Trina Dean

Dinesh and Joy Desai

C. J. and Heather Fitzgerald

Rose Ann Hummel

Margaret and Jim Jimenez

Larry and Sharon Kramer

Duncan and Shirley Matteson

Susan and Lynn Orr

Susanna and Peter Pau

Heather Pietsch

Olaf Reinhartz, M.D.

Carol Roberts

Shane and Robin Robison

Mindy and Jesse Rogers

Richard and Susan Seiler

Sheri Sobrato Brisson

Ralph Staunton

Mary and Mark Stevens

Tevanian Family Foundation

Libby Tyree-Taylor

GIFTS OF  $5,000 - $9,999

Ms. Sharon Branaman

Shawn and Brook Byers

Mary Esther Candee

Paul and Peggy Connors

Bob and Kathy Courson

Randy and Patrice Cross

Mr. Robert Dixon

David and Sarah Epstein

John and Marsha Filice

Tim and Janice Filice

Conrad and Lee Ann Freeman

Ken Goldman and Susan Valeriote

MS. Mary Gullixson

Virginia Haughey

Hoag Family Foundation

David Holmes and Deanna Starnes

Janet Kanios and Patrick Chase

Marleen Kirkorian

David and Laura Krane

Mary E. and Edward J. Lesnowicz

Michael Levin and Cynthia Mahood-Levin

Nellie Ling

C. Brad and Twinkie Lyman

Peter and Pat Maschi

Nigel McIntosh

Tarak Mody

Bette Moorman

Patty Sue Mozart

R. Douglas Norby

Stephen and Janet Peat

Karen Sipprell

Raymie Stata and Kimberly Sweidy

Mrs. Elizabeth Still and Mr. George Still, Jr.

Kathryn Stivers

Laura Strand

Stan and Donna Swete

Dolly Tyan

Justin Voo

April and Bill Whitney

Christine Yang

GIFTS OF  $1,200 - $4,999

Deborah Addicott

Mike and Debbie Agostini

Steven R. Alexander, M.D. and Jeanette Kennedy

Robert and Elaine Allen

Doug and Kathy Anberg

William S. and Janice R. Anderson

Larry Anonuevo

Bhanu Ashar

Ronald and Patty Bank

Daniel and Bonnie Bernstein

Frank and Susan Bisceglia

Gene and Danell Bleymaier

Andrew and Laura Boudreau

Karen Boyd and Brad Finkelstein

Sheila and Mike Brand

Ernest and Debbie Brookfield

Chris Bunga

Candace Caballero

Gary and Karen Campi

Brian Carter

Gerald and Jeanne Casilli

Robert and Theresa Catalano

Jeff Chambers and Andi Okamura

Norman Chen

Diane and Jon Claerbout

Dave and Denise Côté

Jim Craik

Greg Davidson and Helen Wilmot

Chris Dawes

Christopher and Elizabeth Dawes

Donald Delay

Teresa Dix

Phyllis J. Dorricott

Leslie and Erik Doyle

Mary Jane Elmore

Phil and Barbara Endliss

Per and Elaine Enge

Patrick and Barbara Fallon

Tom and Nancy Farris

Kristine Flowers

Kathy and Dan Francis

Michael Gagliasso and Catherine Murphy

Theodore and Frances Geballe

Paul and Barbara Gentzkow

Colleen Gerstner

Mark and Renee Greenstein

James and Marsha Hannay

Richard and Mary Haughey

Bill and Diane Hawkes

Jody and Joe Horowitz

Terry Huggins

Jim and Randi Hutchinson

Elizabeth (Beth) Johnson and Michael Banic

Vijay and Pammi Kapoor

Michael and Myrna Kelly

Dan Kelmenson

Mark and Dana Kirkland

Andrew and Judy Kirkpatrick

Steven and Elaine Kitrosser

Robert and Susan Kresek

Anne and Ken Lawler

Joseph and Mary Anne Madruga

Alissa Mamon

Gayle and Steve Mariucci

Jeff and Cindy Martin

Victor Maxoutopoulis

Madeline Mayhew

Jim and Kimberly McCaughey

Anne McCune

Robert McGrew

Sherrie and Bill Millichap

Michael Montemerlo and Rosemary Emery Montemerlo

Sarah and Mike Montgomery

Mark Moskowitz and Mindy Cheng

Mark Murray

Steve Nasiri

Erik Neuenschwander

Kenneth and Loretta Nussbacher

Perry Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parker

Wendy and Jim Pauli

Donald and Patricia Pecko

Xianne Penny

Steven and Miriam Permut

David and Janice Philip

The Plant-Rao Family

Rayman Pon

Mr. and Mrs. David Prentice

Kathy and John Radford

Brian Rainie

Richard and Rebecca Ramko

Judi Rees

Thomas and Lauren Rettagliata

Rita Rifesi

Frank Ritchey

Janice M. Roberts

Scott and Jenny Rodrick

Allen and Cindy Ruby

Jeffrey Salazar

Barry and Tracy Schuler

Peter Schwartz and Dana Nachman

Ms. Cynthia Scialabba

Barbara L. Shapiro and Mark Lewis

Elizabeth and Roger Sippl

Jane Solomon

Heather Srimal

Roger Stern

Jonathan Strauss

Sara Stremple

Craig Suderman and Germana Silva Suderman

Tom and Nancy Suiter

Philip and Sara Sunshine

Barry and Libby Taylor

Ten Boy Tea

Richard and Sara Thompson

Scott and Allison Tilley

Jim and June Tilton

Les and Janice Tong

Cheryl and John Volckmann

Kurt and Elizabeth von Emster

Harvey and Leslie Wagner

Ryan Wall

Shannon Wass

Lillian Wasson

Mansie and Gary Williams

Helen Wilmot

Brian and Melissa Wong

Erica Worthington

Donald and Gina Wu

Individual Donations below $600​

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