Café Con Leche

[English | Spanish]

Many families need a supportive environment to deal with the experience of having a child who is ill—what better way than to have a space where families can meet other families in similar situations, where they can talk and build a support system and have it be in their native language: Spanish.

"Café Con Leche" is a program offered by Ronald McDonald House at Stanford that provides a casual space that is needed for Spanish-speaking families. The group meets bi-weekly every Monday to enjoy chocolaté (hot chocolate), café (coffee), pan dulce (sweet bread) and each other's company.

Families come to the House from various parts of the world and with some of our population being only Spanish-speaking or bilingual it is beneficial to provide the families with tools to build a support system and share resources. Many families being from different parts of the United States find commonalities and the "Café Con Leche" support group provides the space for conversation, and discussion of issues that can come up at the house, at the hospital, or with their child. It supports the House's mission of providing a home-away-from-home for families where they can build a family at the House.

"No matter where you are in Latin America, it's normal to take a break and sit down over coffee and sweets to talk about current issues of the day," said Bri Carpaño-Seoane, Family Services Director, who also spent 8 years working in community health and development as Associate Director of the United States Peace Corps in El Salvador. "This forum was created to bring healing in a familiar cultural environment and as a means for families to talk to each other while having some comfort food."

The discussions are open to Day Pass families and families at the House every other Monday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.